Can Work Boots Cause Back Pain? Reasons, Solution 2022

If you are wearing rigid work boots for a long day. You probably feel the back pain. You are considering the reason behind the back pain. A point raised in your mind: Can work boots cause back pain? So you are in the right place to find the answer. Wearing work boots can cause arch and back pain along with it. time it enhances the pain to the hip sides too. 

Protective work boots are specially designed for the safety of our feet and ankle from injuries. But they create some uneasiness and discomfort with pain in other body parts such as legs, back hips, and Static pain a bit too. The rigid boots with high heels and form insoles especially contribute to the pain in the body, especially in the lower back area.

In this guide and information sharing, I will discuss the core reasons and causes of the back pain and also share the solution to reduce this pain.

If you are suffering from it, I hope this guide will make you understand the potential causes of the pain in the lower back area. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical specialist so if you do experience any kind of back pain, do consult your medical specialist for consultation. 

Now the question is this: how can work boots cause back pain? 

To understand the relationship between work boots and back pain we have to consider the reasons first. Many reasons cause back pain due to work boots. Extra high heels drop the natural body balance and weight and sometimes cause nerve injury or hurt. The rigidity of work boots injures the nerve and extra-fit work boots cause the disbalance movement of the body. 

With intense research work to provide you with the best and more informative guide in an illustrative way. 

Restricting the Ankle

Restriction on the ankle causes a problem in its movement and restricted work boots cause the problem in the walk. That not only affects our duty performance but discomfort in the body too. Safety work boots are used for the safety of our body not to hurt it. 

The effect that ankle restraint has had on the body and especially on the back was elaborated by the University of Ottawa Publication. 

In that publication, researchers discovered the deeply interconnected nature of the human body. That’s the detailed report about cause effects and detailed methods used in that.

In short, to save the time, I m sharing an important point with you that 

 “ In the organic form the human body is perfect, but we invented some tools ( footwear) from time to time that helped us to move around. These helped us no doubt but they changed the way our organic human body moved. Our body parts are related to each other to perform all the organic tasks that were set before our creation. In movement, our leg bones have to perform a lot to take the body weight along with them also integrated. 

Lifting, bending, leaning in those actions, something else in our body is compensating to allow us to do it, usually more than one thing.

In the case of the ankle, it was discovered that the calves, feet, and knees were being pushed beyond their functional limits. Then we move to the thighs, the hips, and very quickly we’ve arrived at the backbone that keeps our body and supports too much. 

It may seem like the ankle to the back that it would be impossible for this connection to be true.” 

In short, our main concern is related to the work boots’ effect on our back. Either the research is true or not. 

no arch support can work boots casue the back pain

High Heel on Back Pain

Some work boots have high heels to keep the balance and gravity to make us move. 

The strain muscles are caused by high heels when we try to keep our body upright.

Firm Cushioned Insole

In general work boots seem a simple tool to wear to move but it handles the dozens of different bone operations that make us move. High protect work boots with firm insoles, hearty outsole, and steel shank control the foot bones to work freely as it is made to. For better movement and easy walk it is best to wear work boots that have sufficient cushioning.   

Foot Compression

Mostly due to work in different conditions and environments most of us purchase the wrong size. Wrong sizes for nerve damage, physical deformity and pain not in feet but also create in other parts of body too especially in back. 

force compression can work boots cause the back pain

To illustrate it you have to imagine wearing a pair of rigidity composite steel toe work boots that pinch the feet. After a regular use for a couple months, you feel less numbness, but it goes away as you put off your footwear, so it’s not to worry. But in reality, absolutely to worry about, and it’s probably already changed your way of work .


As your feet are a bit numb, so you don’t care how hard you’re stepping down in these work boots. And with time it used to and the chain reaction of shockwaves sent up to legs and into your hips while jumping. It also causes compression of the spine bone too. It also caused the pain in my lower back. If you feel a bit of compression, you must consult your medical officer regarding this. Regular consultation or check up prevents you from any pain.

It may be due to the work boots that you used to wear on your duty. So a selection of good and real comfortable work boots is essential for your health too. Safety work boots that provide shock absorption and cushioning high technology will be recommended to prevent such situations.

Work Boots Design have effects the back pain

Heavy weight work boots also can be the cause of lower back pain. Boots weight is not specified to it but it also creates problems in any type of footwear use. High thick rain boots are also heavy and cause pain in the lower back area.

Every and every work boot type has some specific or some versatile features that make them best for the field they design for. So we could not say what type of boots specifically cause the pain. But we can identify the reason of work boots features that cause the back pain. 

What is the Best type of work shoes for Back Pain?

The work shoes that are best in prevention of back pain must have light weight, comfortable as much as that can facilitate movement with natural style. Must check the work boots before purchase that they have followed the standards set by OSHA for specific work industries. 

Nothing or not work boots 100% fulfill the safety, comfort and safety measures. It’s our assumption that they should be. So when you wanna shop for a work boot for you, you must consider the above mentioned points that will save you a bit. 

Solutions for the work boots to Prevent Back Pain.

Now above I discuss the reason or the causes of back pain due to work boots. Now what to do to  prevent back pain from work shoes.? Here After research I came here to bring some valid points that are helpful in prevention of back pain. Such as fit to size work boots, use of insoles, lacing boots style are things that I experienced that generate relief from pain very well. 

Proper or Fit to size

Fit to exact size or proper size work footwear make your body comfortable. It also support your feet in movement with body balancing. When your movement is stable and accurate. Your body performs naturally and it prevents back pain that links to our bones joint system too. 

It is possible when you physically go to the market and purchase a pair for you. While if you are an online buyer, then you must consider it twice. Because every brand has their own size measurements. So before confirmation of online order. You must click the check box of return policy to save your money from waste. 

legs bones can work boots cause the back pain

Exact Lacing style to prevent back pain.

To loosen up the lace when the work boots tight lacing choking your feet and creating pain. Lace work boots mostly used in high hazard areas. So if you tie them in very tight lacing they hurt your feet. Best lace up them as you move comfortably and feely easy in wearing them. Also not hurting your feet. 

Easy way to lace up as no more foot compression generates on heel and ankle. It help them in easy movement. Every work boots brand designs boots such that lace up style. They have a small room there between insole and steel shank to off-set the rigidity of boots. And make them comfortable in movement. Lace up boot helps the ankle to be restricted and allows natural movement. Due to decrease in compression level can make body movement natural and comfortable that help in prevention of back pain.

Foot Orthotics insole to reduce the Back Pain!

Due to lack of arch support the reason for heel and foot pain to back pain.  Some time the pain criplled due to the not proper insole inserted in work boots. As foot size is different from person to person, the same arch is also different too. So it is very important to consider the proper insole that has arch support and is exactly to your arch. Because if your feet hurt inside the boot. How is it possible for you to move comfortably and do your work all day long. 

orthotics insole can work boots cause the back pain

Best to have work boots that have removable insoles. Replace that with orthotics insoles that are medicated and have full arch support to prevent the back pain. 

Back Pain or sciatica  Pain due to work boots

I wanna discuss sciatica  pain that was caused by the lower disc in the spinal bone. That mostly starts from the left foot to left leg then hips to lower disk plate in spinal cord. It is very painful and the movement of a person almost stops due to it. It is sever type of back pain. 

Along with many other factors, I found two points that are related to the work boots that cause the sciatica pain. 

1 Non Supportive work Footwear 

2. Overweight

Non Supportive work Footwear

The kind of the work boot that we wear, also causes the compress not only on our feet. But also on our sciatic nerve too. As above we discuss that high heels also create nerve pain or injury.  As a result, in high heels the body flexes at the hips and stresses the muscles towards the body. Also vertebrae in lower back disks  near the nerve. 

Work boots which have not cushioned insoles or adequate arch support that also reason to trigger sciatica pain. All non-supportive work shoes have a great impact on every  step we take up legs to our lower back. 


Lower back or lower disk spine cord(vertebrae) bear almost all the weight our body carries on. If we gain or are overweight we put more pressure on the vertebrae that are close to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve moves between the vertebrae at the base of  our spine, where it’s perfectly positioned to bear the brunt of excess pressure that worsens nerve compression.


Few of my readers may not agree with all my statements or some agree with it. But  is it to admit that a work boot causes back pain? Say yes, cause every small point not to be thrown away. But to be considered to understand that different factors that cause the back pain these are among them. So we do not totally disagree with them.

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