Football Boots Exchange to Support Families by Children 2022

Children’s football teams take an initiative to set up a new example to support financially struggling families. They exchange their football boots to help them. 

Football Shoes Exchange Event

The event was organized by Worcester-based WCT Raiders to exchange boots or shoes. The purpose is to help or support such children whose families are suffering from economical financial crisis. 

The mission behind it is to support such children who have fatten a pair of shoes to exchange for a pair that fits theirs.


The manager said: “All parents did not exchange their children’s football  work boots while they are sufficient to wear in them, simply because they have lengthened them.

He wished to continue this to exchange the football shoes process . So it will enable all children not to miss playing football due to the cost of new football boots.

Shaun on 07908703601.

Where to contact for donation?

For donation contact on 07908703601

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