Why Do My Work Boots Hurt My Feet? Guide 2023

When we buy a new pair of work boots, it could hurt our feet before break-in time. Some work boots lack arch support and create different problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, and metatarsalgia. My work boots hurt my feet a lot and I did intensive research to find the reason and how I take care of my work boots.

I’m sharing all that with you to protect your feet and make your day comfortable and easy with your work boots.

Why Do My Work Boots Hurt My Feet?

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If you buy customized work boots then it’s another matter, while a pair of work shoes, all relate to the support they provide your feet. Most work footwears have lack arch support that supports your feet and keeps your body balanced properly. 

All working long day your comfort and easiness roles around mostly your feet that you put in them. Your full-body pressure holds up by your feet. Arch support provides more stability and balance for the body to maintain all day long with easy movement to work around. Arch support is a vital part of shoes when it comes to the matter of flat feet or arthritis. The addition of an insole to my work boots helped me to keep my feet from hurting.

Different problems occur when there is a lack of arch support in your work boots. Such as. Plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and metatarsalgia. These all problems have one common reason which is arch support. With the help of proper arch support to work boots, all these issues can be resolved. 

An orthotic insole is the best to use for work boots to prevent killing your feet. There are three points that the cause of hurting your feet and its effect and solution. 

  • Relieve pressure on the ligament area of the feet

Ligament area of feet that connects your heel to your toes. Relieve the pressure here to make your feet feel easy and comfortable at the end of a long-standing day. It also prevents the acute heel pain of plantar fasciitis.

  • Spread the impact over the entire surface while walking or taking steps

Spread the impact of each step while walking or standing all over the entire surface of the foot, Spreading the impact reduces the pressure on the heel and ball of your foot.

  • Correct alignment issues

The wrong alignment can create pain in your knees, hips and backFor stable pressure on all or equal bodies and feet increase the comfort of your feet.

  • Selection of Socks

Soft, comfortable, and nylon plus polyester mix socks that will abstract the wet inside feet and make no smell or comfort to your feet. 

Before selecting the best insole a few things needs to keep in mind to make your work boot comfortable.

What Socks Should I Wear In Work Boots?

We mostly do not much care about the selection of socks but it has a great impact while wearing work boots all day long. Due to moisture management cotton socks are not the best to select. That causes bacterial infection or blisters to your feet. 

If you’re in search of socks to suit to wear in your work boots, find ones that are: 

  • Not cotton – Moisture absorption rate is higher in cotton socks that make them wet and keep your feet fatigued and witty. Due to wetness it reduces the cushioning ability and feels horrible either in winter or summer. They are less costly and cheap but they create a bacterial issue on our feet.
  • Polyester – This synthetic fiber is best not to absorb moisture. The moisture is driven away by the heat from your foot in those socks. It maintains the cushioning much better than cotton over a long day.
  • Wool and wool blends – |To keep your feet dry and comfortable the Naturally antimicrobial (anti-stink), wool socks are the best to wear. They offer a cushion on the bottom and an open, ventilated weave on top of the feet. For winter thicker socks will be best to wear.

How Do I Take Care Of My Work Boots?

By keeping the work boots clean, and dry and maintaining their leather with the best leather conditioners, your work boots work for long and are durable. 

  • Two pairs of boots to rotate from time to time – Best to keep two different pairs of work boots at the same time making them durable and long lasting. Turn by turn wear them that makes your feet more comfortable and feet flexible with them. 
  • Dry your boots – Keep your work boots in an airy place to make them dry after a long day of use. There must be no excessive heat but an open airy lighted place. Remove insoles to speed drying. With the help of a newspaper, dry the moisture if your work shoe is soaked.
  • Keep your boots clean – Remove dust, dirt, and mud to keep the leather from drying out. Remove salt from a shoe with a mild solution of vinegar and water. A stiff brush works well to remove dirt.
  • Use Leather conditioners for maintenance–Leather conditioners work best for leather uppers and have long-lasting benefits. First, remove the dirt and clean them. After cleaning them apply conditioners. For the softness of leather use oil-based conditioners such as SnoSeal, Mink Oil, and Redwing Boot Oil. For waterproof softened leather conditions, you must apply Silicone or PTFE treatments such as Nikwax, and Graingers.

 Work Boot Insoles Should Give Sturdy Support 

To test that the insole is providing support to your feet do this practice. 

  1. Take out the insole from your work boots.
  2. Put orthotic insoles on the table
  3. By putting your arch to deflect the arch to the table, Is it easy or uncomfortable?
  4. It is proven that your insole is not strong enough. 

For construction workers and other work boot wearers, who have to stand up a long day and put a massive amount of force on their feet, the insole must be comfortable and cushioned that provide arch support. 

Carbon Fiber insoles are best due to their strength and support. They are lightweight and thin in shape. So it could not add weight to your work shoes. They are rigid and best for any standing condition.

Before going to purchase carbon fiber insoles, you will find different options that you must evaluate before purchase. There are some 100 % carbon fiber insoles that are the best ones, while some are mixed up carbon fiber with plastic which is not very strong. 

The Right Fit For Work Boot Insoles

As you like to select the more comfortable and fit work boot as you also need an orthotic insole that is best for work boots. Good insoles provide matchable support to your arch to prevent pain. In the case of a high insole, you will feel the golf ball in your boots while wearing them. That is not necessarily easy or supportive to your full arch length. 

You’ll also want to get an insole with a deep heel cup that provides you support with a fatty pad below your heel bone. It helps us with a natural shock absorber and enhances its shock absorption qualities.

Long-Term Value & Durability Of Work Boot Inserts

Durability is the most important feature of the insole. If you use high quality work shoe inserts that save your money too with your feet. 

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